A Message from Our Secretary

We have been busy building and improving our shooting range. So far the feedback has been positive and our members like what is happening.  For 2018 we have more improvements planned the details are explained in this newsletter.

Range Rule compliance continues to be a bit of an issue with many of our members.  Leaving the gate open, not registering, bringing guests without paying the guest fee, not picking up the brass or garbage and safety issues are continuing to be a problem.  I urge all members to familiarize themselves and re-read the Range Rules again.  Adherence to these rules is important.  Most of these Range Rules are not just made up …. They are THE LAW. 

Participation in the program shoots was very low in 2017.  Many of our programs are free of charge (except the ammo).  For 2018 we are introducing a new concept to shoot some of the programs.  The cost is only $20 + ammo. If you wish to receive the medal from Switzerland for a particular program, there will be an additional charge of $20.  By the time the medal lands in Calgary, it is costing the club about $38. 

I urge you to participate in our competitions shoots in 2018. See you at the range!

A Call for Board Members!

Early in 2018, there will be a number of volunteer positions that any member can apply for. Both SRCC and APRA encourages gender and ethnic diversity on these boards, and regardless of how long you have been a member you may apply. This is a good way for you to get some entry level, not-for-profit experience working at the board level. Remember you don't need to be a 'sharpshooter' to be an excellent board member. These positions would fall into two main areas:

- SRCC Board. Every year certain positions become available on the SRCC board. We will make an announcement early in 2018 to announce these and what the requirements are.

- The Alberta Provincial Rifle Association (APRA) has board member positions available each year. APRA Board Members are responsible for overall governance of the APRA lease and to provide guidance to the four clubs occupying the property, including the SRCC. Board members should have a positive attitude, be analytical, courteous, work well in a team, and be available to attend 4 board meetings per year. You will be expected to learn the details of the APRA Lease, the Alberta Societies Act, and the Not for Profit Act which we can provide you should you get the position. The term is for one year.

To apply to any of these positions, please send an email with the position you are interested in, along with a brief summary of your background to Herb at swissrccalgary@gmail.com


2017 In Review

2017 was a huge year at the SRCC. At the end of last year we had just under 50 members and by the end of 2017 we will be at 92 members, with a substantial waiting list for 2018. 


As you may recall last year we added the 100m and 200m target positions. In 2017 we re-contoured the range to reduce erosion and make all target positions easier to see. At 300m we added target frames for those wanting to shoot paper targets using the cantilever systems. At the shooting point, we added 5 covered benchrest positions, complete with a concrete floor, three walls and a roof. In addition to new first aid kits, bear proof garbage bins have been installed in 3 locations across the range; please use these as it will make the range a safer place to be. 


The shooting house was extended with a new shooter’s hangout that we can use. We have installed a wood stove, and next year will insulate the entire building so it can be used year round. The pistol bay was updated as well, with new backstops, target frames and the purchase of a reactive steel target system. Around the back of the shooting house a sea can was installed. All significant items were then moved into the sea can where they are now securely locked away. This will now allow us to provide members with easier access to the shooting house throughout the year. Then to finish it off, the parking lot was expanded, levelled and re-gravelled, the edges of the range were trimmed and straightened, and the entire range was hydro seeded.


This was a monumental effort that involved many volunteer members. Todd D. was instrumental in getting the required permits together, Herb B managed the project overall including all the sub-contractors involved in construction. Many other members volunteered their time in project management and construction. Travis O. did a masterful job building the pistol bay steps and handrail, Walter S, Mike T, Andy H, Hans & Harrison F, Dieter M, Steven J, Christof B, Jakob S, and many others helped out with various tasks.



Range Improvements for 2018

Next year we hope to focus more on making the SRCC experience a better one. Of course much of this is contingent on revenue generated through membership fees and the funding formula we have with the APRA. So what's planned for next year?

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 9.58.03 AM.png

- SIUS Wireless Targets. SIUS is a 50 year old company that specializes in electronic shooting target systems. The existing electronic system we have is a target system built by SIUS over 25 years ago. Since 1992, SIUS’s newer wireless systems have been used in all shooting sports at the Olympic Games including Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London and Rio de Janeiro and is used throughout Europe in all major shooting competitions. One of the largest competitions is in Switzerland, where over 200,000 shooters compete.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 10.27.53 PM.png

The system comes with a binder of various shooting competitions, each with it’s own unique bar code. Simply scan in the bar code and the entire system is programmed. The newer color monitors create a replica of the target, which shows where your shots are landing, highlighting the last shot, and scoring the entire event for you. A printout can be made including a miniature copy of the target with all your shots recorded. For 2018 the SRCC wants to install two of the wireless systems on indoor firing points #1 and #2.


- Radiant Heat. Now that we have our outdoor shooting positions established, the next step is to extend the shooting season. We would like to add overhead radiant heaters, similar to the ones you find in some outdoor restaurant patios. This should extend our shooting season and allow us to shoot earlier and stay later in the season.


- Winter Access. The APRA has expanded winter access to the various ranges, plowing the access roads coming off of Homestead Road. Starting immediately, the road is being plowed up to the range building parking lot. If you are driving a car instead of a truck, we would suggest parking just below the final hill to the range parking lot. You still need to walk the path to the targets, so you may want to wear boots. The road will be plowed fairly regularly, but remember this is a remote location so it may take a day or two after a storm to get things cleared out.


- Solar Power. Last year at the SRCC AGM we discussed adding solar power to the range. Because the costs were fairly high to do this we opted to defer this to a later date. Since that time solar power costs have come down drastically, making this a more feasible upgrade. For 2018 we will be examining the addition of solar power to operate lights and target systems at the range.

Finish Off Inside of Shooters Hangout. The Shooter’s Hangout is 95% finished. All the exterior work has been completed on time and on budget. For 2018 we will add insulation, interior walls, a ceiling, and furniture. This will make it much more bearable when the weather gets colder.


Renewals for 2018 are currently being taken until December 15, 2017. We recommend that you renew immediately. The entire process takes only a few minutes to complete. We have a significant waiting list of potential new members eager to get a spot, and as of December 15, 2017 they will have priority, so renew early. Should you miss this date and need to renew at a later date, you can still renew online.

Remember that we are all volunteers. Making the renewal process as quick and simple as possible reduces the time that our members spend processing applications. Please respect their efforts and the time they put into this endeavour. Please follow this link to renew for 2018:



New Members

New memberships will be processed starting December 15, 2017. At that time a ‘new member’ link will be sent out to our waiting list where they can apply. Once a person is accepted as a new member, they will be given a choice of dates to attend a mandatory range orientation, where they can pick up their membership cards.

Range Building Access Key

Effective immediately all locks have been changed at the Range. We now have ONE key that opens almost every door. There are three levels of key holders.

Level 1. All those who have been members in good standing for one year can apply for a key that works for the following doors.


- Outdoor bench rest door

- Shooters Hangout & main shooting building

- Pistol building

- Clubhouse 

There is a $50 deposit which is refundable when the key is returned. Keys must be returned when your membership is no longer in good standing.

Level 2. All current active RSO’s can apply for a key that works for the following doors.

- Outdoor bench rest door

- Shooters Hangout & main shooting building

- Pistol building

- Clubhouse 

- Sea-Can

- Target shed

- Target enclosures

There is a $50 deposit which is refundable when the key is returned. Keys must be returned when your membership is no longer in good standing.

Level 3. Executive members have keys to all the doors.

If you would like a key, please eTransfer the $55 ($50 deposit and $5 shipping) to: swissrccalgary@gmail.com and a key will be mailed to you.


Swiss Rifle Club Calgary (SRCC) AGM: February 10th, 2018

The SRCC will have it’s AGM on February 10th, 2018 at 1:00 pm at: 

Austrian Canadian Club , 3112, 11 St NE Calgary AB

Several positions are open for a membership vote which include President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. We encourage you to attend this important meeting where you can have direct input into the priorities of the SRCC. Many decisions are made during this event, and in order to have a say you need to be there. Come and meet your fellow members over coffee!

Main Gate Access - High Priority!

During the last few months there have been a few instances where APRA members have unlocked the gate, driven through and failed to lock it behind them. The APRA considers this a serious problem as it could lead to non members inadvertently entering the property and being locked in overnight by a member departing the property. This could lead to the destruction of the front gate if these people are attempting to leave, or having them overnight on the property which could prove fatal in the winter months.

The general rule of thumb is: 

“leave the lock on the front gate in the same position as you found it”.

If it is locked when you arrived, then leave it locked. If it is open, then leave it open. Failure to comply with this can lead to suspension of your club membership.

SRCC Range Expansion Update

by Herb Betschart

Significant range updates /expansion has been approved by our members at the last AGM. Alot of work and effort has been going into this project behind the scenes like planning and obtaining contractor quotes, getting components built, applying for permits etc. etc. Thanks to the relentless efforts of Todd Dillabough, our membership co-ordinator, we have now received final building & development permit approval from KID (Kananaskis Improvement District).


So where are we at with all this?

Pistol targets have been built, sandblasted and painted and rubber matting installed. These are improved targets that provide the ultimate in safety for our members.

Outdoor Shooting Area. Five outdoor benchrest tables have been installed which include adjustable integrated seats, a concrete pad has already been poured and in the next few weeks a roof will be erected.

Additional Swiss shooting targets have not been ordered yet.  There is a shortage of volunteers taking on the task associated with the targets like building the enclosure, making the metal structure work etc.  Plus although we are approaching 100 members, very few people actually show up for Swiss style shooting.  

Shooters Hangout.  The concrete slab was recently poured and the building will be erected in the next few weeks. This will provide our members with a comfortable, and quieter area to wait while you are at the range.

Gongs. Two new gongs have been installed with improved enclosures to prevent ricochets.

Sea-Can will be delivered in the next 2 weeks. This is one of those metal sea containers and will provide us with a secure area to store range supplies, lawn mower and other tools.

300m targets are now available (positions #7 to 10) for use with any rifle up to .338 Lapua. During a ceasefire, you can drive down to the 300m butts area and staple on your own targets on the frames provided.

New 300m road. A new road has been made directly up the centre of the range. This will allow us to use the range earlier in the year.

100m & 200m backstop berms have been re-graded and top soil is being applied. We will then seed the entire area. This will improve the sight picture when shooting at these distances, prevent erosion of the berms when it rains, reduce mirage on hot days and make it easier for us to maintain.

Bear proof garbage bins have been ordered through the APRA and will installed later this summer.

First aid kits will be supplied by the APRA to replace our existing kits. 

Landscaping will be done as soon as the concrete work has been completed.

Port-O-Potty will be relocated to the front onto a new concrete pad for easier servicing.

Lighting and radiant heating is planned at the end of all this and pending on our finances will probably be done in 2018

This is all weather pending and because this job is a long ways from Calgary it could be delayed be a few weeks.  The goal is to have the structures up and running before the snow falls.

The following members are volunteering a huge amount of time to make this all happen and deserve a big thank you.  We will require more help and I urge you to put your name forward and let me know how you can help and what equipment you have available.  The email that went out to all members asking for volunteer help yielded pittyfull results.  Four (4) Individuals responded offering their help.  We can do better than that.  We are all a team of volunteers.  Please call Herb at 403-540-5400 or email swissrccalgary@gmail.com and offer your help.


Herb Betschart: Overall planning and project management     

Todd Dillabough: Preparing and making presentations to the APRA for funding, preparing all necessary permit applications for KID and stickhandling the application through the AB Government departments.

Tom Berry: Obtaining sub-trade quotations

Dieter Megert: Video Surveillance systems, cell phone booster, LED lighting.

Daniel Gretener: Transporting the pistol targets and shooting tables from and to the various places.

Thank you to those that are not mentioned above.

Membership Update

Our club has grown by over 40% this year. As of this newsletter we are currently at 91 memberships, a combination of single and family memberships. At a recent meeting of the board it was decided to cap the membership total to 100, so we still have 9 spots available. Although we have not experienced any significant congestion at the range, we have decided to cap the membership to limit the added administration involved in handling the extra members.

We are currently adding any new requests to a waiting list for 2018. If you have any friends that are interested in joining next year, make sure they get their name on the list early. In early December, existing members will be given priority and allowed to renew their membership prior to opening it up to the public. At that point we will offer memberships to those on the waiting list in the order we received them, and then if there are still openings, we will accept additional members until the cap is reached.

We will notify existing members by email when they can renew for 2018 .. so don't worry.

APRA Range Insurance at a Glance

Included in your membership to the Swiss Club is insurance purchased through the Alberta Provincial Rifle Association (APRA). As well, when you purchase a guest pass, those guests are protected under this policy. In order to ensure that the policy is in force, you and your guests are required to sign the shooter register every time you are at the range. Failure to do this may leave you exposed to uneccesary lawsuits and medical costs.

The key features of our policy include:

- a $500 deductable

- liability insurance up to $5,000,000 per person

- bodily injury coverage of up to $5,000,000

- $1,000 reimbursement of initial medical expenses

- worldwide coverage if you are shooting in other countries (like a competition)

You can download a more comprehensive list of insurance features here